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A video camera is installed near Mary's Place looking north. Click on title below, Angelcam Video Camera.

It is now in test mode. We are using the Angelcam service. The camera streams to Angelcam, and then it distributes as many times as is needed without further impacting the bandwidth at Delta.

Angelcam Video Camera

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Delta is an easy drive from anywhere in the Lower Mainland.

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"The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life; and the procedure, the process is its own reward."
- Amelia Earhart, Amelia Earhart Official Website

"If black boxes survive air crashes, why don't they make the whole plane out of that stuff?"
- George Carlin

The J3 Cub is the safest airplane in the world; it can just barely kill you.
- Max Stanley, Northrop test pilot

"We fly, but we have not 'conquered' the air. Nature presides in all her dignity, permitting us the study and the use of such of her forces as we may understand. It is when we presume to intimacy, having been granted only tolerance, that the harsh stick falls across our impudent knuckles and we rub the pain, staring upward, startled by our ignorance."
- Beryl Markham, West with the Night

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Welcome to Delta Heritage Air Park's website!

"Delta" is an uncontrolled aerodrome located south of Vancouver in Delta, British Columbia.

The Air Park is managed by the Delta Heritage Air Park Committee (DapCom) under a Licence Agreement between RAA Chapter 85 and Metro Vancouver Parks.

It's the home of RAA Chapter 85, COPA Flight 5 - Boundary Bay Flying Club, and the Aerobatics Club of BC.

Events, News and Destinations

Notice to Delta Heritage Air Park Stakeholders

Metro Vancouver Regional Parks has informed us that the public parking lot at Delta Heritage Air Park will be closed as of 4:00 PM Wednesday March 24, 2020 for an indefinite period due to the COVID-19 outbreak.


NO cars can use the parking lot for access to the air park.

Because we have closed the parking lot, and Marys Place, and cancelled all group activities, the Air Park is available for TENANT USE ONLY. Non tenants are requested to avoid visiting the Air Park.

This is a bylaw order from the City of Delta and applies to all public Parks in the Delta City Region.

Delta Heritage Air Park can remain open to aircraft movement and tenant use only for now.

In accordance with this restriction we have devised a way for TENANTS to access their hangars while avoiding the parking lot.

TENANT ONLY access to the airpark will be allowed via the commercial access road (turn right at Canadian Air Parts) passing the RAA clubhouse, proceeding south and turning right onto the taxiway in front of Mary’s Place. From there tenants can access their hangars. A chain previously installed to restrict traffic will be removed to allow tenant vehicle traffic to proceed.

It is imperative that the public NOT be allowed to use this route for access to the airpark property. In order to facilitate this restriction the big swing gate across the access road must be kept closed and locked after entry and exit. We are asking all air park tenants and commercial tenants to enforce this procedure.

A sign will be placed on the big gate reading, NO PUBLIC ACCESS. A lock will be placed on the gate. The access code is 1233.

We are requesting that all tenants be discreet in their use of the air park facilities. DO NOT give any indication the airpark is open for public use.

In addition, please remember to avoid group meetings, wash your hands frequently, maintain physical distance, and do not come to Delta Heritage Air Park if you have any symptoms of respiratory illness.

If you have any questions, please contact Gerard Van Dyke, Caretaker, at 604-722-3791.

Thank you,

Delta Heritage Air Park Operations Committee

Monthly Breakfast

A pancake, ham, and egg breakfast is served on the second Sunday each month at "Mary's Place" (Coffee Shop - look for the three flag poles). This is a popular event and every month up to 80 people may attend, snow, rain or shine.

The Air Park is closed to the public until the Corona virus pandemic has subsided. Watch this page for news of reopening.

Events Elsewhere


Check out COPA5 Calendar, compliments of COPA Flight 5 Boundary Bay Flying Club.

See also the Langley Aero Club Calendar, compliments of COPA Flight 175 Langley Aero Club.

A Little Bit of History

In the late 90s, Delta Heritage Air Park NEWS was published by George Gregory, editor, and Dave and Margaret Smith, reporters. It ran for two issues, Winter 1998 and Winter 1999. Download.

More History: Delta Air Park 1962 Fly-In!

1962 Fly-In

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