^ At the annual July Delta Fly-In.

Flying In

Here is a Google map view of the Air Park. North is at the top. All approaches are flown from the south to cross over mid-field. Complete Delta (CAK3) information is in the Canada Flight Supplement.

PLEASE NOTE: Delta is a Prior Permission Required (PPR) aerodrome. If you're not an Air Park tenant or a member of one of the Air Park clubs, you should call (604) 878-9050 for recorded flight operations information before flying in.

You can read the recorded message here.

Please read your Canada Flight Supplement! You'll be supporting our Good Neighbour Policy when you do.

Good Neighbour Policy

Look for these signs near the runway:

Pilots   Please Note

Observe Our Good Neighbour Policy

1. Follow procedures per Canada Flight Supplement.

2. Stay clear of noise sensitive zone to N.W.

3. No direct flights to Boundary Bay.

4. No formation takeoffs.

5. Avoid continuous circuits.

       -- Delta Air Park Management