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About CAK3

Delta Heritage Airpark is an uncontrolled, prior permission required, aerodrome south of Vancouver in Delta, British Columbia. The airpark has the Transport Canada Location Identifier CAK3.

Delta Heritage Airpark appreciates and acknowledges that all activities take place on the shared, traditional, ancestral, and unceded territories of the scəw̓aθən (Tsawwassen), xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam), and other Coast Salish Peoples.

Delta Heritage Airpark is the home of the Recreational Aircraft Association of Canada, Chapter 85 (RAA 85) and COPA Flight 5 (Boundary Bay Flying Club).

Plane Parking

Getting Here

Delta Heritage Airpark lies on the shore of Boundary Bay, about 2.5 miles east of Boundary Bay Airport (CZBB), at the south end of 104 Street in Delta.

Events & News

Please check our calendar here below for upcoming events, such as fly-ins, pancake breakfasts, etc., at the airpark.

Events may also be posted on our Facebook page.


Monthly Breakfast

A pancake, ham, and egg breakfast is served on the second Sunday each month at Mary's Place, located by the three flag poles. This is a popular event where many come out to attend, often using the breakfast as a destination for an early Sunday morning flight.

Various groups and associations are responsible for the breakfast, January: RAA Chapter 85 - February: DAPCOM - March: BBFC - April: RAA Chapter 85 - May: DAPCOM - June: BBFC - July: RAA Chapter 85 - August: DAPCOM - September: BBFC - October: RAA Chapter 85 - November: DAPCOM - December: BBFC.

COVID-19 Alert

Everybody visiting Delta Heritage Airpark is asked to adhere to current public health orders as published on the Government of B.C. website.


Darmel Diston's Granary

The airpark was established in the early 1960s by the landowner, Darmel Diston (August 25, 1920 - April 22, 2012), a farmer and pilot. Approximately 120 aircraft were based at the site by the early 1970s. At this time, the Recreational Aircraft Association of Canada, Chapter 85 (RAA 85) became a tenant of the airpark and constructed a clubhouse and aircraft hangar. The former Greater Vancouver Regional District, now Metro Vancouver, acquired the airpark site in 1995.

Below a couple of historical documents:

Delta Airpark, 1969

Wildlife Management

Boundary Bay Dike Trail

Delta Heritage Airpark is uniquely situated within the Boundary Bay Regional Park and borders the Boundary Bay Wildlife Management Area (WMA). As a result, Delta Heritage Airpark is strongly committed to upholding and contributing to the purposes of the Boundary Bay WMA and, accordingly, maintains an Environmental Management Plan and a Wildlife Management Plan.

Environmental Policy: The Delta Heritage Airpark Operating Committee (DAPCOM) is committed to operating the airpark in an environmentally responsible manner in compliance with the Delta Heritage Airpark Licence Agreement, applicable covenants, and applicable environmental laws, regulations, and good practices.

The wildlife mandate is to:

  1. Promote the safety of aircraft operations by preventing wildlife strikes; and
  2. Mitigate the environmental impact of airpark operations.

It is the intention of DAPCOM to maintain an environment where concurrent airpark operations and wildlife activity do not impede the other. Where conflict occurs, the general reaction will be that of airpark operations yielding to the natural environment but at no time compromising aviation safety. Furthermore, areas of the airpark that are beneficial to wildlife will be preserved, and plantings shall be considered to attract, feed, and shelter wildlife. As an example, barn owl boxes are installed within the premises.

The airpark occupies approximately 8.75 hectares of the entire 28-hectare Boundary Bay Regional Park.

Flying In

Flying In

Prior Permission Required

Delta Heritage Airpark is a Prior Permission Required (PPR) aerodrome. If you are unfamiliar with Delta Heritage Airpark, please call 604-878-9050 for recorded flight operations information (transcription below) before flying in.

This is Delta Heritage Airpark Information "D"

Pilots flying into Delta Heritage Airpark should first consult the Canada Flight Supplement and follow the circuit procedures as indicated. Take note that:

  • Circuit height is six hundred feet.
  • Circuits are flown to the north of the runway, left hand for zero seven, right hand for two five.
  • The circuit should be entered from the shore line south of the airfield, crossing midfield at six hundred feet.
  • Pilots landing at or departing from Delta Heritage Airpark should avoid flying over the noise-sensitive zone west of the airpark unless unable due to safety concerns. This requires a short final when landing on zero seven and an early turnout after take-off from two five.
  • If your destination is Boundary Bay Airport, first depart Delta airspace to the east then contact Boundary Bay tower for clearance into their zone. Do not fly direct to Boundary Bay off runway two five over the noise-sensitive zone.
  • Particular attention should be given to maintaining a minimum of six hundred feet over the adjacent wetlands to the south and east of the airpark as indicated on the Vancouver Terminal Chart.
  • Your authorization to visit Delta Heritage Airpark is approved subject to your commitment to abide by these operational conditions, and provided that you are flying within the capabilities of your aircraft and your flying skills.

This is information Delta.

Please follow the procedures as outlined in the Canada Flight Supplement and support our Good Neighbour Policy to reduce aircraft noise for residences along 96 and 104 Streets.

Good Neighbour Policy

  1. Follow procedures per Canada Flight Supplement.
  2. Stay clear of the noise-sensitive zone to the west.
  3. No direct flights to Boundary Bay Airport (CZBB).
  4. No formation take-offs.
  5. Only access to hobbyist, heritage, and recreational aircraft less than 12,500 lbs gross take-off weight.
  6. Restricted flight over the dike and foreshore below 600 feet.
  7. Avoid continuous circuits.
CAK3 Circuit Map CAK3 Circuit Map

Aeronautical Noise

Noise abatement measures exist for Delta Heritage Airpark as a commitment to minimizing noise impact on the surrounding environment and includes the use of specific flight paths to reduce noise footprints.

Any deviations from this policy are investigated and followed up on. Although uncommon, the safe operation of an aircraft sometimes requires deviance from the specified flight paths.

Reporting Aeronautical Noise Concerns

Aeronautical noise concerns can be reported through the online form here.

Airpark Services

Web Cam

A web cam can be accessed here, overlooking the tie-down area and wind sock.

Local weather resources include BC Highway Cams and The Weather Network.

Hangar Rental

Any aircraft owner seeking a hangar at Delta Heritage Airpark may sign up on a waiting list for $100 non-refundable. Currently, there are no hangars available, but tie-downs are readily available.

If you want to be added to the hangar waiting list, please refer to the Hangar Waiting List Policy. There are more details in the following documents:


100LL AVGAS is available at the self-serve pump. More information about fuel prices is available on

By buying fuel from our self-serve pump, you support our airpark.

Delta Heritage Airpark, Sunset


Delta Heritage Airpark is managed by the Delta Heritage Airpark Operating Committee (DAPCOM) under a licence agreement between the RAA 85 and Metro Vancouver Regional Parks.

DAPCOM is responsible for decisions regarding the daily airpark operations. The purpose of the committee is to provide an opportunity to discuss relevant issues and propose solutions. The DAPCOM chair will report to the RAA 85 executive on operational matters.

DAPCOM is committed to operating the airpark in an environmentally responsible manner in compliance with the Delta Heritage Airpark licence agreement, applicable covenants, and applicable environmental laws, regulations, and good practices. To contact DAPCOM, please use the contact form here.

There is more information about DAPCOM and Delta Heritage Airpark in the following documents:



Delta Heritage Airpark Management Committee

RAA Chapter 85


—Committee Representatives


—Metro Vancouver West Area Parks